Familienwappen KRONEISEN      K R O N E I S E N
           Family Meeting


Summary of the 16thFamily Reunion at 03. - 05. November 2017 in Strassburg

Ahead of our Family Day in Strasbourg, there was something unexpected. For several major cities in France,
so also Strasbourg, environmental zones are set up with special plaques. The plaques had to be in advance
purchased on presentation of the vehicle registration. It turned out then, that these plaques only would have
been necessary in the event of increased pollution of the air. We would not have needed it!

The participants all found the hotel with its parking garage. Again, there was confusing information in advance.
- At 18:00, on the 3rd of November 2017, most of them were in the lobby of the NOVOTEL STRASBOURG
CENTER HALLES come together. Together we hiked through the old town to the "BAECKEOFFE D'ALSACE",
where we, too again with some discussion, could occupy our reserved seats. The very beautiful Alsatian
furnished restaurant offered typical dishes of the region. Old and new participants quickly became friends and a merry
conversation dominated the evening.- Through the confusing road network Stefan led us with his
GPS app on the phone safely back to the hotel.

The next morning we met punctually at 10:00 clock in front of the cathedral with our city guide. She introduced us
the very eventful past of the city and Alsace in the past 1100 years before, sometimes belonging to Germany, sometimes to France.
Many people from the area work in Germany and commute daily, or at least weekly from France to Germany.

The old town with its pretty streets and corners and some buildings that survived the terrible wars of the past
impressed us greatly. Especially the cathedral with its filigree individual structures of the high gothic.
What was there to discover! The many interesting individual objects almost overlooked the overall impression,
especially as a total view from the narrow streets is difficult. After the tour, it was tempting to find
a traditional eatery for lunch and by to lure the many small shops for viewing and shopping.

Back to the hotel many have put their legs up and regenerated. From 16:00 clock we came in the large (rented)
meeting room together. Coffee, tea and cake were prepared in an adjoining room. From 17:00 clock then began
the announced lectures with PowerPoint presentations.

Especially the focus was the pleasing circumstance of the first mention of the
Surname KRONEISEN 600 years ago. Since Hans Kronisen had moved from Strassbvrg to Basel and has
entered third in the newly opened journeyman's book of the Basel locksmiths. After the welcome, Armin presented
his "Review of 35 Years of Family Research", supported by the lecture concluded with the announcement,
Armin would be with this family day for reasons of age (81 years) to refrain from organizing further family days
and to continue family research only occasionally.

"The famous Strasbourg fortress builder Daniel Specklin", * 1535, was the subject of the lecture by Horst Günter.
Ursula Kronisen, * 1538?, was married to the brother of Specklin, Jeremias. The projected images the various
fortress buildings and their development made the far - sighted planning in Specklin his time vividly.

A lecture by Therese followed. She reported on her many and varied researches Family tree. Especially lately
she has been dealing with relatives who have emigrated to America.

In the subsequent break, the hotel prepared the dinner, which we could start at 19:30 clock then. After that,
many individual discussions were conducted among each other. These are also a main purpose of the family day.
We are always happy to see John Cronise from Oregon come to our meetings. He has the longest journey to accompany us.
Two days had passed Therese, Franz and Karoline from Austria. For the first time were there Willi and Elli and Heiko,
again there were Cordula, Charlene, Lisa and Lena, this time with family, or friend. A special thank was given
to the two organizers, Andrea and Stefan. They had organized hotel and guides.

How should it continue? That was the question after the discontinuation of Armin. Generally we wanted
the family days to be continued. Everyone will find the participants in our group lovable and want to
do not miss another contact. - Conversation then sounded that the younger people could imagine to prepare and organize
a next family day. Let's hope for that!

The next day, Sunday, a boat trip on the Ill was proposed. Starting point was not far from the cathedral.
It was raining heavily. Armed with umbrellas, we waited in the crush for the arrival of the sightseeing boat. Fitted
with transparent tunnel-like rain protection we slipped on the quarters and houses of different times
and architectural styles to today's more significant modern facilities such as, ARTE Television and EUROPA PARLIAMENT.
Back it went again under old bridges, past casemates and garrison church to the old town and
our starting point. The rain had stopped. So we could have a nice stroll through the old town with
hike in the direction of the hotel to its many tempting shops. Of course, macaroons still had to be bought.
Then the big farewell came, hoping to celebrate another family day together in two years.



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